Bottoms Up Mocktails soda bar syrups and straws on soda bar countertopClassy wood soda bar with flower decorations against pink backgroundBottoms Up Mocktails soda bar menu in pink and whiteBottoms Up Mocktails serving soda bar sodas to a wedding couple at their receptionsodas from bottoms up mocktails soda bar catered at a Utah wedding reception to the bride and groomraspberry lime soda mocktail from bottoms up mocktail soda barBottoms Up Mocktails catering soda bar drinks at a wedding reception in UtahWedding couple holding pink drinks from bottoms up mocktail soda barBottoms Up Mocktails soda bar catering drinks for a Utah wedding couple
Bottoms Up Mocktail Soda Bar Menu in green and whiteBottoms Up Mocktails pouring flavoring syrup into a soda bar menu itemBottoms Up Mocktail Soda Bar pouring coke into a soda bar drinkBottoms Up Mocktails Soda bar worker squeezing lime into a soda bar menu itemBottoms Up Mocktails serving a pink drink with a sugar rim from the soda bar at a Utah eventBottoms Up Mocktail worker preparing a soda bar soda behind the bar at a Utah wedding
Bottoms Up Soda Bar catering a pink drink at a wedding in Salt Lake City, Utah
Bottoms Up Soda Bar catering mocktails at a partyBottoms up mocktails catering soda and mocktails at a boho partyBottoms Up Mocktails caterers catering soda bar drinks behind a wooden barParty Goers enjoying an outdoor party with Bottoms Up MocktailsBottoms Up Mocktails Event Menu for soda bar mocktailsBottoms Up Mocktails drinks with garnishes - Blueberry Smash, Mango Mule, and Grapefruit DelightFamily attending a party with bottoms up mocktails drinks and other catered food.
Bottoms Up Mocktails catering soda bar drinks at a goodbye partyBottoms Up Mocktails Menu at The Rooftop in LehiEmpty glasses and straws from Bottoms Up MocktailsFood and goodies catered at a farewell partyFriends dancing at a farewell partyBottoms Up Mocktails preparing drinks and garnishes for a soda bar mocktail catering at the Rooftop in LehiFriends enjoying bottoms up mocktails soda bar offeringsWedding tables and chairs on rooftopFriends dancing at a farewell party
Bottoms Up Soda Bar Catering mocktails at the rooftop venue is Salt Lake City UtahBottoms Up Soda Bar Catering Mocktails with a green menu showing drink optionsBottoms Up Mocktails catering a purple soda bar drink at a weddingBottoms Up Soda Bar Bartenders catering Soda Bar Mocktails for wedding guests

Our Drinks

Mocktail Bar and Soda Bar drinks with garnish fresh ingredientsMocktails lined up on a blue background Pina Colada, Blueberry, Mango Mule, and lemon dream